Basics of Tankless Water Heater (Buying Guide)

Basics of Tankless Water Heater.

Tankless water heaters or basically we can say on-demand water heaters,which provide hot water instantly when required,they don’t store water,they create hot water when required.One of the great thing of these heaters are they remain inactive when they are not in use.They are small in size as compare to tank heaters and also occupy small space,can easily get fit inside a closet.These tanks are also eco friendly as they require less energy for working and cost around few dollars as a bill.They’ve got a lot of benefits like endless hot water infact i have a tankless water heater in my house and it’s been a huge change going from a standard tank to endless water heater.It contains two heating elements,one of the element is fitted in water in pipe and other is fitted in water out pipe.These elements are the main reasons why we get hot water instantly.These elements instantly warm the cold water in the inpipe and during outlet again it goes through other element which make water hot instantly.In some cases gas burners are also used instead of heating elements.If you are looking to save money and energy,the tankless water heater is the right choice for your small houseold.

3 Top brands of tankless water heater in Market.

As disccussed above tankless water heaters are really beneficial,So i am gonna tell you which top 3 brands of tankless water heater reviews are available in market in today’s date.So i will disccuss about top models,their cost,their features and about their specifications.

1. NAVIEN NPE-240-A Tankless gas water heater.

Navien Premium Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater

It include a buffer tank and a recirculation pump and hooks up to a 1/2 inch gas line.It features ultra condensing efficiency,dual stainless steel heat exchangers,and and a front panel command centre.It was launched in the year 2013 and just weighed about 92 pounds.You can also use this tank with batteries.
It will cost around $1600 and best service will be provided by company

2. NORITZ NRC98-ODNG Tankless water heater.

Nortiz Tabkless Water Heater

It is a super effiecient tankless water heater and has a stable temperature control to minimise heat loss even as you enjoy along,hot shower and can wash your laundry at the same time.It delivers very less pressure loss and it can be installed with pvc or cpvc piping.It comes with 12 year warranty.
It will cost you $1,414 and they provide best coustmer care sevice and reach your home every six months for service of your heater.

3.TAKAGI T-D2-IN-LP Indoor tankless water heater.

 T-D2-IN-LP Indoor tankless water heater.

The takagi indoor water heaters will significantky lower your energy bills because both its inlet and outlet thermistors provide constant temperature heating and monetring,so they never use more energy.It features 10 gallon per min flow rate and a remote control is also included.
It will cost you around $1,168 in todays date and service centres are available all over the world. Read about many other mini hot water heater.

3 Things you must know before buying a Tankless water Heaters.

There are couple of things you need to know about Tankless water heaters.3 things in particular we’re going to talk about today so that you have correct expectations before buying a tankless water heater.

1. Maintenance.

The hotter your water,more maintenance that’s going to be required to your tank.Usually many people have only one tank in their house so the whole family use the same tank daily,So the load on the tank is very much or we can say tank units gets alot of use.So you must have a contanct with your mechanic who can lookafter your tank after every short intervels of time.You have to keep your tank maintained if you want to use it for long time.So the maintainance is one of the thing you need to do on regular basis.

2. Place of installing.

If you have an indoor heater you must install it in air conditioned room or in an open space room or basement from where the combustible gas should get out.So i always recommend you to use outdoor water tanks as they also keep space free inside your house and also make your house combustible gas free.You should also wrap the pipes with some heat tapes,it can reduce the risk of damaging the pipes.

3. Power.

If you have standard tank in your house and it stores 50 gallon of water and after the power goes you will definetaly get 1or 2 showers but in the case of tankless water heaters power is must required.You will not get any hot water unless it conected to electricity.If the electricity is gone you will not gonna have shower or else you have to wait for electricity to come back.

 Benefits of tankless water heaters.

We have already disccussed lot about tankless water heaters,we have disccussed about top 3 models,top things need to know before buying any tankless heater.Now I will tell you about its benefits.

  • The size of these heaters are small as compare to standard water tanks heaters.
  • They useless units of power.
  • Instant hot water,no need to wait for getting hot water.
  • Long lasting and reliable.
  • These tanks are more safe and clean as compared to standard tank.
  • These tanks are also more comfortable and convenient.

So in last i will just say that if you are buying these tankless heater you will get 100% out of it.You will never feel that you have bought a bad product.It may depends upon brands but if you gonna buy from above mentioned models you will always thank to us because these are the top models present in the market today.


Are you looking for some stylish yet mini hot water heaters?

Are you looking for some stylish yet mini hot water heaters? These could fit below your sink too!

Did you think of reserving a big space above your washroom for a water heater? Water heaters are growing smaller and smaller day by day. Gone are those days where a big hole in the ceiling was necessary to carry a water heater geyser. The modern water heaters are not only so very stylish but are also significantly tiny and can fit below your basin sink. Also, point to note is that there is absolutely no compromise on the efficiency and utility front. The water is hot in no time and the power consumption is also under control.
How to buy one for yourself?

Well, these Hot water heaters are a sturdy option that can sneak into any washroom. However, selecting the right mini-water heater in this highly competitive market can pose several questions and confusions. Electricity consumption, heating efficiency, capacity, mini hot water heater reviews, top rated water heaters, cost effective water heaters, etc., are important considerations before identifying the bestmini electric hot water heater for every potential customer/user.

All these important credentials shall be evaluated by whom? How much time and effort should a consumer invest to purchase the right water heater? We understand all your concerns and hence, have shortlisted top rated 5 qualitymini hot water heater options that can help you save your time and energy. The list goes as follows-

Here are best 5 mini hot water heater

1. Bosch Tronic 3000 T

Bosch is a brand name that has significant respect and value globally. It has made significant technological achievements in the electronic product segment. The water heater is no different. It has received over 350 orders and has 94% satisfaction rate. The water heater is very easy to install, it can be easily connected to the 120V supply line and no extra additions or manipulations are necessary. Further, it has very fast recovery rate that allows you to enjoy consistent hot water even with continuous usage. It has a capacity of 2.5 Gallons but is also available in 4 and 7 Gallon variants too.

Bosch assures that being an electric heater, the maintenance cost is on the lower side. The presence of a glass-lined tank type ensures longer life and durability at the same time. Bosch brand name and such a feature rich product with such a satisfaction rate is irresistible. Get yours at

2. EcoSmart POU 3.5 Point of Use Electric tankless water heater

EcoSmart is a relatively new entrant to the market of water heater but is creating a lot of vibes especially in the mini tank water heater segment. The unique selling property of the water heater is with respect to the cost of running. Most water heaters tend to burn a significant hole in the pocket when you get your electricity bills. This smart technology water heater is known to save at least 60% of your costs relating to electricity consumed by the water heater. So, the water heater shall be twice more efficient than those already circulating in the market.

The heater has a digital display that is rounded off to the nearest whole numbers. You might not have access to the decimals here, you would have to adjust the temperature to a whole number. It can easily fit in a space less 12 cubic feet, which is very-very tiny and sleek. This is a 3.5 kW variant but it is also available in a 6kW variant too. It has over 120 orders with 62% satisfaction rate. Link to purchase yours –

3. Waste King AH-1300-C

Waste King is slightly more popular to EcoSmart. Both brands go neck and neck but Waste King seems to conquer the market just by an inch. Waste King AH-1300-C is a 1.3kW variant that has many unique properties to discuss about. It has a stainless-steel tank, which also an auto-re-setting thermos-stat tank type. The automatic resetting thermostat tank helps in heater protection and hence, longer service life. It has a capacity of 60-cup hours, which is amazing at this price point. It is cheaper than many other alternatives and is probably the most affordable water heater in the list.

The temperature adjustment is very easy and can be done using the finger tips. It has over 130 orders and a satisfaction rate of 65%. It weighs only 5.8 pounds and is very compact pretty much suitable for under sink small spaces. Link to buy yours

4. InSinkErator Invite H-Hot100

InSinkErator Invite H-Hot 100 under sink tankless water heater is a premium alternative to the EcoSmart offering. The insta hot water heater under sink has the cheapest expert installation price tag. This could one reason for opting InSinkErator model. It has water dispenser that has a chrome finish and can hold 2 gallons of water in a stainless-steel tank. 3 Gallon variant is also available. It can also deliver temperature very close to the boiling temperature of the water and has a control feature, that allows easy temperature adjustment.

There is no need for any tools and the installation is very simple. There is also dry-start protection system. The 1-year in-home warranty is one of its kind and is something that has attracted many customers to InSinkErator. It is perfect for activities like coffee/tea preparation, dishes cleaning/washing, disinfecting baby bottles and other infected items, etc. It has over 150 orders and a 73% satisfaction rate. Get yours at

5. EcoSmart Eco Mini 2.5

The EcoSmart Eco Mini 2.5 is an on-demand water heater that is slightly cheaper to its other sibling included in the list. There are a lot of accessories included in the shipping package enabling simpler installation. An appliance line cord is packed with the product. A pressure relief valve is also included in the package. This enables buffer and point of use applications. It plugs into a 120V outlet. This model has a tank with a 2.5 gallons storage. It is also available in other storage options like 1, 4 & 6 gallons respectively.
It weighs around 19.5 pounds and has wattage of 1.44 kW. It has a 5-year warranty for limited leaks and a year’s warranty for the parts. It has about 110 orders and a satisfaction rate of 90%. It closely competes with the Bosch mini water heater in terms of satisfaction rate. Buy yours at –

Which Tankless mini hot water heater should you go for?

Which is apt for me? Which one should I buy? There are different requirements for every buyer. There cannot be one single recommended product for everyone. Based on budget, quality, requirement, reviews, etc., you can opt for one amongst the top rated 5 mini electric water heater.


The popularity of tank less water heaters are expanding on a large scale because it has come around with the scheme of power saving and its durability that is marked the best by its manufacturers. If you are thinking recently to buy a new tank less water heater at home, then this article is the right one for you that will guide you to all the possible questions that can erupt in your mind. Before investing money on tank less water heaters, here is a list of questions that you need to ask yourself and check the product before choosing one.

  1. Do you want the electric water heater or the heater that runs on gas?
  2. Which of these water heaters mentioned above are best for domestic purposes?
  3. How much amount of heated water do you need in a day?
  4. How much can you save with the help of tank less water heaters?
  5. What is the budget that is fixed to install the tank less water heater?

Did anyone tell you that the tank less water heaters run for more years than the conventional tanked water heaters? Well, now when you know, stick with the option that you’ve been looking for. A tank less water heaters comes along with the facility of mounting on the wall that will eventually save a lot of space. The heaters are relatively small and quirky when compared with the conventional water heaters. The other most important benefit of mounting a tank less water heater is that you can get heated water any time of the day without thinking of the high amount of electric bills. Simply, turn on the tap and enjoy the warm water.  It is the generation, where people are concerned in energy saving more and which can retain a lot for the future, this option of installation of tank less water heater is the ideal choice. It decreases the misuse of power and energy. Not only this, tank less water heaters are extremely hassled free to clean and does not require much time on maintenance.

Scrolling through the list of best tank less water heaters, it becomes difficult which one to choose over another. Since water heaters work with the help of the natural gas, propane or electricity, there is no strict discrimination where you can choose the better one. Both the tank less water heaters will save your penny and energy. If you opt an electric tank less water heater, do not forget to take into account the voltage requisites and the capacity of the circuits. Or, if you are planning to get a gas tank less water heater, then do check whether it asks of propane or natural gas and its venting needs. Tank less water heaters are usually chosen by people who do not need multiple sources for heated water (also called Point-of-use). If you want to choose one that can deliver water to all the faucets present in your house, then go for a large sized tank less water heater that will meet all your needs at home (also called whole house).

Many people choose tank less water heaters because it does not carry any extra burden of storage. You can also add one that is easily replaceable and is available in the market in various sizes. The voltage and the amperage required by the water heaters completely depend on the house. It has a range of 110-277 volts. You can take help of the installation kits that make the whole procedure an easier but if you fear or want to avoid the hassles of electricity and gas, then do consult a professional before installing the right one. Also, one of the most vital points that you need to check is that the flow rate of the water heater. It plays an important role in the functioning and its efficiency. It is measured in gallons per minute. It can vary from 1.5 gallons per minute to 5 gallons per minute, whereas the electric tank less water heaters have a low flow rate than the gas ones.

You must note that if you search carefully and research about the various tank less water heaters, you will come across to a word, Direct-vent systems which are the latest evolution of water heater industry which has the recent Balanced Exhaust System Technology. If you are looking for the best and the safe tank less water heater, then you should definitely choose one that is well equipped with this system. Whichever tank less water heater you choose, make sure it is worth the money and the right choice for you and for your home.